Saturday, June 4, 2011

Is There Something I Should Know? pt1

*Please, please, tell me now...*
It's been an interesting time being a Duran Duran fan these past few weeks & months. They have released their 13th studio album(see: All You Need Is Now), received good album reviews from the press(that's a shocking surprise!) & played some important gigs as of late(see: SXSW, Coachella, David Lynch-directed concert "Unstaged", etc...).

Having finished up a "mini-tour" of the States, they were getting prepared to launch a world tour. To kick it off, a string of dates in the UK.  That is until "Lady Destiny" decided to change up the game and throw the "Let's let Simon's voice go kaput" card out on the table to be played. Apparently, he has ended up with an acute case of laryngitis. DD shows have been dropping like flies, one-by-one & at the last minute(in some cases). Now, the news seems to be (it's been kinda hard keeping track ;)) the UK dates have been postponed/canceled & are in the process of being rescheduled for later.

When the news was breaking across the DD fan community, it seemed at first, that there was nothing but confusion about what exactly was going on. One minute... it seemed the show was on, the next it was off. With that the fan's started getting restless and when that happens in this fan-dom...  y'all better Watch Out!! ... because it then becomes: cue-up the speculation bombs & run for shelter. To me, this fan community seems to thrive on nothing but drama(but I'll get to that later...).

Now, I know... the band are not always great at getting us information when we need it but I think they DO try their best (or at least I'd hope so... ;)). Perhaps they need to work on having better organizational skills. *don't look to hire me just yet cause I can't find anything at the present time... LOL! ;)*  

note: here comes the fun stuff... y'all might wanna take cover now ;)

Do You Believe in Shame?
I debated somewhat on writin' this topic. There's already been quite a bit of discussion on various DD boards/Twitter/Facebook etc... but I thought, "what the hell, why not throw my 2 cents into the ring?" . Everyone else & their brother has... guess I might as well too(besides Duran Duran ain't gonna read it anyway so I'm safe, I think).

Now what I'm about to say, some ain't going to like... but I need to say it.  *rant time*

There are some DD fans that NEED to have their dog-gone fan card revoked or at least suspended for a time being.

Of what I've read/seen: Anger, blame, frustration, sadness, love, sympathy & understanding -- are the emotions that have been expressed so far. Now ALL of those feelings are justifiable to a certain degree but THERE are those(ya know who you are too) that have went too far. 

Ok, I think this is a good breaking point & I'm gonna stop right there cause it's 4am. I still have quite a bit left to say about the situation, fan's/band's reaction, etc.... anyhow I'll get to those things in pt 2 later on this mornin' / today.

peace out,

ps : to simon, john, nick & roger - howdy!! (ya know just in case... ;))

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