Monday, August 13, 2012

Random Travels & Other Things...

It's been an interesting week.

It started last Sunday morning with me deciding instead of going to church as I normally do taking a brief road trip into Oklahoma in search of the "Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa". Actually it's not 'IN'  Tulsa but just right outside of it in Catoosa,OK but who cares... *details,details ;-) *  The reason I needed to locate this place is because Duran Duran are playing a gig there on August 15th & I gots me a FREAKIN' ticket!! *Hell Yeah! Big shout-out & much thanks/love to Miss Marie... it was 1 of my bday presents :-D *

Just a brief history lesson: Both of my parents and quite a number of my relatives were either born in, raised in and/or live in Oklahoma so I know some parts of the state well. *this comes in handy later on... well, sort of ;-) * 

Do you know where we are?...

Now I'm fairly good with getting to the places I need to go & know where I'm going most of the times anyhow... I've NEVER been to Tulsa, *well, scratch that* I HAVE been to Tulsa lots of times to visit my grandparent's but I've never actually DRIVEN in or to there before. I figured that it wouldn't be TOO hard of a drive but I ended up getting lost 3 times *technically 2 cause i missed a blasted turn that i KNEW i should've made but oh well...* 

I started my car, popped a DD cd in the player *had to have some driving music, ya know... ;-) * & headed out toward Grove, OK. The drive started well enough & went fine 'n dandy UNTIL I was suppose to make a turn left and head to Afton. Instead, I messed up and turned right(1st mistake) ended up clear to Bluejacket, OK . *WAY off course*

I did know better than to do that *No, really I did... ;-) * but that turn off to Afton is tricky & I guess I wasn't paying close enough attention. Anyhow, I turned around in Bluejacket, left there & got back on the right road again... So, I made it through Afton(finally) and headed toward Vinita. That's when I got so lost I'm surprised I EVER made it out. Some blasted way I got turned around and was going north when I should've been going west. Long story short... I FINALLY figured out which way I was suppose to go to get to Chelsea, OK. 

I was headed toward the right direction and made it ALL the way to Claremore *which is about half way to Catoosa or a bit more* when I decided I had had enough driving/getting lost/frustration that I turned around and headed home where I once again got turned up-side-down in Vinita and took me forever it seemed to get myself home. 

I DID get home that day.... I know some are probably wondering why I just didn't take the Turnpike to get there & the reason for this is because I don't want to: A.) not too comfortable w/ getting on & driving it & B.)  having to pay the blasted toll booths

Spinning a compass to choose your way...

On Wednesday(this past one), I decided that I try once again to see if I could find that blasted venue. I started & off I went. This time I made it ALL the way to the place with no problems whatsoever. *score :D * Didn't get lost once. *go figure*

I am WAY psyched for my Duran show to get here. Don't know quite what to expect seeing as how I've NEVER seen Duran Duran play live before. I do have a few songs that I want(and if I don't get 'em then they can't leave until they play 'em... you hear that JT! ;) )

I also am the proud new owner of a smartphone that has GPS... which I may need before this coming week is over with. :) I'm gonna try n take as many pics as I can possibly get away with too(let's just hope they turn out decent *fingers crossed*)


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