Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Late Night Blog

Seeing as how this should have been up yesterday(on Tuesday), I was distracted by the official Duran Duran's AYNIN cd release day and various other things. I'm still up so I'll just do this now. ;)

If you were not aware, Duran Duran, the British new-wave/pop group has record a brand new album called -- All You Need is Now.  It was produced by Mark Ronson and it's the follow-up to 2007's Red Carpet Massacre album(I officially hate RCM for the record!!). All You Need is Now  was first put out as a 9-track digital release on Itunes last December and was just released on CD(a standard edition or deluxe edition w/dvd) on Tuesday, March 22, 2011.

I am waiting as I write this for my copy. I ordered the deluxe version w/ dvd from Amazon and am blasted impatient for it's arrival. :)  I did buy the digital release(my first ever ITunes purchase, in fact) when it came out so I have heard 9 out of the 15 tracks. sidenote - the deluxe has 15 tracks as oppose to the standard edition that only has 14.  I have loved every track on the digital release(so far) with my favorite track being a song entitled - "The Man Whole Stole a Leopard"  (just that title alone is genius).  I do believe that TMWSAL has knocked Come Undone out as my absolute favorite DD track that has ever been made.So today, I have been rockin' out to my digital copy and trying to learn tweeting to boot while I wait for my cd/dvd.

Duran Duran also had a performance on The Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno last night(Tues. night). I have a few thoughts on that. oh lord have mercy on me ;)  DD's performance was brilliant, very energetic, perfect....  In other words, they freakin' rocked it!! I did have one small issue with the "musical" performance before them.... coughRebeccaBlackcough   I don't think I'll go there.... I'll be nice...

Anyways, back to DD... they are going to be doing some more tv appearances(Ellen,Kimmel,Jimmy Fallon) & my only hope/wish is that their new album gets the attention it damn well deserves. AYNIN is a brilliant album(what I've heard of it so far anyway) that sounds like the Duran Duran I know & love. Plus, I can hear JT's bass playing which makes me ecstatic. :) I plan on doing a full album/dvd review just as soon as I get my hands on it (DD better watch out ;)) ... They also have the Wednesday show with David Lynch that's being broadcast on Vevo/Youtube that I think is going to be really interesting & cool.

Other things...

- I'm still trying to learn twitter

- Don't forget to watch the DD's Unstaged concert directed by David Lynch streaming live on Youtube Wed. night at 10pm est

- Catch Duran Duran performing on the following:
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on March 22nd at 11:35pm
The Ellen DeGeneres Show on March 25 (check local listings)
Jimmy Kimmel Live on March 30th at 12:05am
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on March 31 at 12:35am

- If ya ain't got it, pick yourself up a copy of All You Need is Now

I'm out...  MercB

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